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Professional Gate Repairmen

Professional Gate Repairmen

Our experts can fix any issue with sliding or swing driveway gates and various commercial entrance barrier systems.
Wide Service Area

Wide Service Area

If you're anywhere close to Little Elm, we're the best gate repair and installation service company around.
Reliable Low Cost services

Reliable Low Cost services

We keep our services and parts affordable to remain the no.1 gate repair company near Little Elm.
Gates & Fences Installation – Free Estimates

Gates & Fences Installation – Free Estimates

Choose any material you want (wood, iron, steel, etc) to get a new custom driveway gate installed at your home or commercial property.

Electric Driveway Gates - Repair & Installation

The gate to your home is the first impression upon everyone that comes over. We want gates to be impressive, welcoming, and secure. Damages to your gate are dangerous for your security as well. We will help make your home gate secure once again.

Having a secure gate is like knowing for sure that you did close the oven door before leaving. Gates help secure the property, keeping you and your family safe. Any weaknesses in your gate effectiveness is a potential danger to your safety. By fixing any damage done to the gate, you can get a peaceful rest at night. A secure gate is a reassuring comfort. We ensure great quality and satisfactory repair work for your peace of mind. We also perform maintenance services along with repair and replacements.

We have a wide range of services on offer! A lot of the gate equipment is easily damaged. We work with all kinds of gates from wrought iron, wood and iron to custom made. We also offer maintenance service for your gate. We at Gate Repair Little Elm take pride in providing professional service to our clients.

Professional Opener Repair & Replacement

You know that box on the hinges of the gate, or on the corner? The small box or the column like container? That’s the opener, the one that has automatic control over opening and closing the gate. Rough handling (vehicle collision or exposure to nature) can damage your opener with ease. This can also be risky, especially if the controls of the opener were faulty. This could mean that your gate might not open for your car or close quicker than anticipated. That could lead to accidents or other potentially dangerous situations. We promise to repair and/or replace your opener to ensure your safety and that of your family. Sometimes all your opener needs is a replacement of the rusty parts. Such repair is vital to maintaining the integrity and security of your home. We at Gate Repair Little Elm are more than happy to help with that.

Expert Hinge Welding, Repair, Replacement

Hinges are what keep the materials together to open and close the gate. Without secure hinges, we know there's no point to a gate. Damage to these parts of the structure is also rather simple. Bad weather often rusts the metal hinges, and a lot of insects gnaw the wood, weakening them. Fixing and welding these hinges shut is important. We are more than happy to inspect your gate to see if your hinges need any servicing. We weld them shut if loose, repair them if damaged, and replace them if necessary.

Gate Alignment & Repair

Misalignment in gates is more than just an appearance thing, it's a safety issue. Being a homeowner means making sure that all instruments fit like puzzle pieces. Misalignment in gates damages the gate itself every time it opens and shuts. The wood or metal will chip away, leaving the gate exposed to more rust. We will align your gate with ease and make sure it doesn't happen again. Besides, a well-aligned gate is like having perfect teeth; it always makes you look good!

Intercom Repairs and More

You can't always be walking over to the gate every time a guest drives up. An intercom takes care of that by letting you talk from home. So, any problems in the intercom system would cripple your security and convenience. Intercom issues are often simple; signal issues or easy to fix mechanical problems. We are more than happy to repair, replace, and check your intercom status.

Gates protect you, your family, and your property. We at Gate Repair Little Elm take pride in making sure your gate in working as it should.

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We can help with any gate repair and installation needs anyone in Little Elm or nearby has. From opener troubleshooting to alignment issues to panel and post repairs and even complete gate replacement. Save money without compromising quality – custom driveway gates available with free estimates.


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After a long day at work, I arrived home to find that my driveway gate didn’t want to open! Instead of panicking, I called you guys and you arrived quickly, and fixed my gate with no fuss at all!
Lori Peterson
I’d just about given up on the idea that people can still get satisfactory customer service when your company came along. You arrived promptly and fixed my gate opener quickly.
Marcus Smith
I can’t remember the last time I was this impressed! I was getting ready to wait for hours for my gate to be repaired but you guys worked so efficiently and professionally! Really awesome service!
Victoria Lily
When my wife called me to say that our driveway gate refused to open, I was already dreading the repair bill. However, I was pleasantly surprised! Your company arrive quickly and the bill was reasonable!
Ryan Roberts
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