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Three Common Problems with Sliding Gates

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Three Common Problems with Sliding Gates

Common Problems with Sliding Gates | Gate Repair Little Elm TX

Sliding gates are impressive, grand and practical if you have more space to the side of your gate than in front or behind it. When it comes to sliding gate repair, there are certain issues that tend to arise more commonly than others. Here we outline 3 of the most common issues that sliding gates can suffer.

  1. A Degrading or Snapped Chain

    Many sliding gate designs feature a chain drive which is the part of the mechanism that delivers the force generated from the motor to the pulling components on the frame of the gate. The chain is put under pressure every time the gate is moved. If it ever snaps it will disable the gate completely. Chain replacement is needed right away if the chain is rusting, snapped or if the chain you have is inappropriate for your current system.
  2. Wheel or Roller Failure

    Sliding gate rollers and wheels carry much or all of the weight of a sliding gate as it travels from side to side. They can degrade to the point of becoming too rough to roll smoothly or break and become completely disabled. They need to be replaced and fitted correctly for the gate to return to be returned to perfect working order. Fitting incorrect replacements can lead to more rapid degradation and the need for further gate repairs sooner.
  3. Track and Sensor Issues

    Some sliding gate designs come with tracks that guide the doors into place as they move. These tracks can be disrupted by damage and dirt or objects being stuck within them. Automatic gate openers come with sensors that can stop the doors when an object or too much friction is felt during its activation. When this communication creates errors in behavior and activation, a professional will be needed to conduct a full troubleshoot and ascertain exactly the right solution that is best for your circumstances.

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